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IT Infrastructure Solutions

Crucial to allow for workable network connectivity, data storage and efficient processing of applications.

Data Centre Solutions

We are capable of designing and implementing data centre solutions. Our data centre solutions include:

  • Designing and installation of structured cabling systems which forms the backbone of the network infrastructure;

  • Installation of racks and panels for servers to house the system infrastructure;

  • Installation of UPS to ensure there is no disruption in power supply; and

Implementation of supporting tools and solutions to manage the data centre such as humidity and temperature control solutions, power consumption monitoring tools, and other data centre monitoring tools and cooling systems.


System Infrastructure

We can implement various types of system infrastructure solutions including:


  • High availability which is a system that is designed to avoid loss of service by reducing or managing failures and minimising planned downtime;

  • Server virtualisation to partition a physical server into multiple isolated virtual servers. This allows for various operating system environments to run on a single server. In addition, it enables sharing of servers across different business applications or business divisions;

  • Backup and archiving solutions in order to record, store and retain digital data.


Software-Defined Infrastructure

Software-defined infrastructure utilises software to automate, manage and program an infrastructure. As the hardware is widely available and interchangeable, it is less costly and minimal human intervention is required on the customers’ part, to perform configuration, backup and recovery of components of the infrastructure from different vendors. 


The types of software-defined infrastructure solutions we offer include:


  • Software-defined networking which is a system that automates, manages and programmes a LAN and/or storage infrastructure located in a single location through software interfaces;


  • Software-defined WAN which is a virtual WAN architecture that allows enterprises to leverage on WAN connectivity to securely connect users to applications. It uses a centralised control function to securely and intelligently direct traffic across the WAN. This increases business productivity and reduces operational IT costs; and


Hyperconverged infrastructure which is a unified system that combines all elements of a traditional data centre, including storage, computing and network management.


Network Infrastructure

Our network infrastructure comprises various types, including:

  • LAN

  • WAN

  • VPN

  • Infrastructure monitoring and compliance system


Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing solutions include the offering of products/services on a subscription basis or an on-demand basis.


Unified Communications

We can provide unified communications, which is a set of enterprise communication solutions including, instant messaging, VoIP, mobility features, audio and video conferencing, desktop sharing, data sharing and call control.

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