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Corporate Milestone

Key milestones and achievements


  • We commenced our operations in the provision of IT infrastructure solution.


  • Later in the year, we began to offer cybersecurity solutions.


  • We began to offer project delivery and management services for a hypermarket chain.



  • We ventured into managed IT services when we began to provide managed network services.


  • We set up a NOC as we began to grow our business in managed network services to facilitate better management of our customers’ IT infrastructure systems.



  • We began the roll out of our in-house developed project management application in 2020, and began utilising this application in carrying out our IT services, particularly project delivery and management services.



  • We ventured into managed cybersecurity services. We formed a dedicated security analysis team that operates from our head office in Malaysia on a 24-hour basis. Our present facilities at our head office can allow our security analysis team to undertake basic managed cybersecurity services including basic diagnosis on the network to detect common cyber threats in order to troubleshoot any incidents and problems raised by customers.


  • We obtained the ISO / IEC 27001:2013 certification for the provision of managed services through our NOC.

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